Macon County Schools Parent Career Needs Assessment
For parents of students grad 6-12
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School(s) currently have children attending the following schools in Macon County (check all that apply). *
What do you feel is most important for your child to consider when making a post high school career choice (check all that apply)? *
Which of the following would best help your student(s) set or obtain career goals (check all that apply)? *
As a parent or guardian of a middle school student, what info would YOU find most useful to support your student in their career search (if past MS parent, what would you have liked to have had at the time)? *
How familiar are you with the elective focus areas available at your child's high school? *
How much do you know about the programs available at the Tri County Extension of TCAT (i.e. Vocational School) which are available to high school students? *
Did your child(ren) attend a school in Macon County last year for at least part of the school year? *
Do you believe the school systems has equipped your student to research and decide upon a career path? *
Would you be willing to support students in the career decision making process by (check any that apply): *
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