webDip Mentor Program: Apprentice Application
This application is for any players interested in receiving direct mentor-ship from the site's best and most well rounded players. Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis and inactivity of more than 1 month will result in a forfeiture of your apprenticeship. This is simply to make way for new applicants.
webDiplomacy Username *
Where do you reside?
UTC Timezone and Country of Origin accepted. This is to pair apprentice with mentors who will be active at relatively similar times.
List the languages you are fluent in:
Game Preference *
Players you wish not to be mentored by:
We will do our best to avoid pairing you with these people. Only full usernames will be considered, this may forfeit your opportunity to a player further down on the waiting list should you not match with an available mentor.
Is there an aspect of the game you are most interested in working on?
What great power (country) are you most interested in learning?
If you have a Ghost Rating please state it
Most Recent GR [ http://tinyurl.com/ybxh7jpo ] / Your answer should reflect the column labeled "Rank". If you don't know what this is or you don't have one you can leave it blank
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