EYE CLINIC - San Quintin, MX
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Several Cataract and Pteryguim Eye Surgeries Performed During The Weekend Clinic in addition to hundreds of eye exams.
About the San Quintin Eye Clinic
Mission Flight partners with CALO (Colorado Airlift Outreach) who has been offering this high quality eye clinic for many years.

Eye surgeries are performed in one section of the clinic, and optometry is performed in another section.

Location: San Quintin, Mexico. The eye clinic is given use of the Buen Pastor Medical Clinic.

Dates: This particular eye clinic is only offered twice a year, in the Spring and Fall and fills up fairly quickly.

Note:We are typically limited by the number of seats in the small planes. Thus, we are always looking for more qualified pilots and planes.

If you are a pilot and might be interested in flying with us as a volunteer, please click here for more info.


Basic Schedule
This eye clinic is Thurs - Sun

Thurs - Meet at Annia;s Kitchen at the San Gabriel Valley Airport at 8:30am for breakfast and a meeting. Travel to San Quintin in small planes, prep the clinic.

Fri - Clinic
Sat - Clinic
Sun - Follow up with eye surgery patients, then travel home.

Go to Colorado Airlift Outreach for cost and further details


Hotel Villa (phone +52 616 165 1800)
Hundreds of people are given a thorough eye exam and given free prescription glasses each weekend clinic
Other Info
** Passport Book Required **

If you are a pilot and might be interested in flying with us as a volunteer, please copy and paste this link for more info.


More info about CALO and the clinic at http://coloradoairliftoutreach.org/

Currently, the San Quintin Eye Clinic is only offered TWICE A YEAR! Spring and Fall
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If You Would Like To Sponsor Someone Else To Go Or Donate
Interested In Sponsoring A Backpack For A Child In Need?
Our desire is to enable each child in need that comes to a clinic to be able to receive a special gift of love - a backpack full of school supplies, a hygiene kit, new socks, and a toy! This is not required of our volunteers and is "above and beyond".
More info at:

Pteryguims are fairly common since many of the patients are migrant farm workers that work in the sun and dust all day, every day.
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