Something's Fishy with Red Grouper
Fisheries management recommendations made by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council are based on scientific stock assessments, social and economic factors, and advice from our stakeholders. The Council actively gathers input from fishermen and other constituents on proposed management measures through the use of Advisory Panels and through scoping and public hearings.

The Council would like to expand the type of information it gathers to gain a better understanding of what’s happening on the water. The Council recognizes that as active fishermen, you may notice trends or strange things happening in the Gulf that the scientists and managers may not be aware of yet.

A scientific stock assessment of red grouper is scheduled to begin September 2018. We would like to know if you have noticed anything “fishy” about red grouper fishing in recent years. The information you provide will help to inform the scientists and managers as they formulate a current understanding of the red grouper stock.
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Additional Questions (Red Tide and Discards)
The stock assessment scientists would like to gather information on red tide and discards. Please answer the following questions.
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Thank you for taking the time to report your observations to us. The information we gather through this tool will be submitted during the upcoming stock assessment and will be reviewed by the Council and it’s Scientific Advisors (the Scientific and Statistical Committee).

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