Understanding the Coronavirus Pandemic, a Doctor's Perspective for Medical Interpreters.
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Which virus was the first to end with a vaccine? *
What does "zoonotic transmission" mean? *
Which of the following is NOT mentioned as part of the anatomy of the virus?
What percentage of infected patients present Severe Disease? *
Which of the following conditions is mentioned as increasing the risk of fatalities? *
Which one of the following is mentioned among the less common symptoms? *
Under which testing priority are pregnant women mentioned? *
Which one of the following is described as an antibiotic with some antiviral activity? *
What PPE does the CDC recommend for any person entering the room? *
What does the number 95 mean in the N-95 mask? *
What size is the virus that causes COVID-19? *
A series of videos is presented toward the end of the presentation. What are these videos about? *
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