Quiz 5
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Which biopigments are used by plants and bacteria for photosynthesis? *
The strongest linear polarization from photosynthetic organisms is seen *
The chlorophyll linear polarization in reflected light is *
The carotenoid linear polarization in reflected light is *
Red and yellow sand show linear polarization in reflected light *
Reflected light from the ocean is blue because *
By measuring flux and polarization reflected from a planet one can *
If the most powerful beamed terrestrial radar system was just visible from a star 30pc from Earth, using one hour of Arecibo radio telescope time, how far away could the star be detected in the same integration time if the Arecibo receiver noise power was improved (decreased) by a factor of two? *
A habitable zone planet has a larger contrast (with respect to its central star) *
If the thermal sky background is the dominant noise source for detecting a Habitable Zone planet around Alpha-Cen at 10micron wavelengths, we expect the 8m VLT to require about 40 hours of integration time. When the EELT (39m) is completed and if it also is limited by thermal sky noise, how long will it take to detect the Alpha-Cen planet with the EELT at comparable sensitivity? *
On the Earth, what fraction of the terrestrial heat input originates from human technology waste heat? *
For a given coronagraphic performance level, a 30m telescope could detect about 4 HZ planets. About how many planets could be detected with a 60m telescope? *
Which of the following technologies can have a large effect to decrease the cost of large optical IR telescopes designed for exoplanet studies *
What minimum size telescope is required to make practical photometric observations of the nearest non-solar Habitable Zone exoplanet? *
The earliest cellular life forms were most likely (choose the right): *
The first catalytic molecules were (choose the right): *
Miller and Urey's experiments demonstrated that (choose the right): *
The endosymbiotic theory explains (choose the right): *
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