E-Mentoring Application
The YNPN Pgh E-Mentoring Program's primary goal is to offer emerging nonprofit-minded professionals access to meaningful personal, professional, and leadership development opportunities.

Mentees and Mentors are accepted on a rolling basis and must be able to make a 3-month (virtual) commitment.
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Mentees are emerging nonprofit professionals (3yrs or less) in the sector and 21 years of age or older. They wish to enter the sector or have 3 or less years in a nonprofit role. Mentors are seasoned professionals in a job field/ topic area (5+ years). *
What do you hope to focus on while in the program? If applying as a Mentor, indicate what types of professional/personal experience you will bring to the Mentoring Program. If applying as a Mentee, indicate what types of professional/personal guidance you wish to receive. (Please select all that apply.) *
If you are applying to be a Mentee, please answer this addition question: What are some professional goals that you are working towards that you believe a mentor could help you with?
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Don't forget to send your resume!
You're almost there! Each applicant (Mentor or Mentee) is required to submit a current resume along with his or her application. Please email your resume to mentoring@ynpnpgh.org or directly to the Mentoring Program Manager.
Technology Disclaimer
By completing this application you acknowledge that:
A) YNPN PGH does not require a specific type of technology to participate in the program but does require technology of some type to engage in a virtual program (i.e. telephone, tablet, computer, etc).
B) You have technology capable of connecting with your future mentee/mentor.
C) You are able to utilize that technology independently.
D) You recognize that some virtual platforms such as Zoom have issues with security (i.e. Zoombombing).
E) You will take proper virtual security measures during your participation in the program if using a video conferencing platform

YNPN Pittsburgh is not responsible for any virtual safety incidents.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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