HENkaku Ensō Test
Please give some basic information on your test device. If you are using multiple devices to test, please fill a separate survey for each one.

IMPORTANT WARNING, PLEASE READ THIS COMPLETELY: This hack will make permanent modifications to your system. The purpose of this call for testers is because we do not have the resources to purchase and test various models. This means you might be the first person to install this hack on that model of Vita and therefore minor differences and bugs in our software might break your Vita beyond repair. Please do not proceed with this beta-test unless you are certain that you are alright if this happens to you. We will not be responsible for any damage that does occur if you consent to continue with this test. If you understand this and still wish to proceed, please fill the questions below and in the last question, select the circle.
What is your beta access key? *
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Which most closely describes your Vita model? (Please fill a separate survey for each device you use to test.) *
Is your Vita on firmware 3.60 and runs HENkaku? *
Are you comfortable/familiar with installing HENkaku and installing VPK homebrew? *
Do you understand that if something goes wrong, your Vita will be broken beyond repair? You will not be compensated for the risk and any damage that occurs. *
Do you understand that even if everything goes right, there is a chance your Vita will be broken beyond repair? *
List any homebrew/plugins you currently use. You do not have to be exhaustive, this will help us identify potential incompatibilities.
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