D.M. Therrell High School Alumni Interns Application
Please complete this application form to be considered for the Therrell High School Alumni Internship and Scholarship Program 2018. Deadline for submission is ongoing. If you have questions and or need help with the application, contact Ms. Moses at 404.590.4716.

The D.M. Therrell High School Alumni Association, Inc. has changed the scholarships from providing money for books to training 21st Century Young Entrepreneurs. There are two types of scholarships as follows.

(1) PAID INTERNSHIPS - The scholarships are $2,400+ part-time internships for six to 12 months working at least 20 hours per month with Therrell High School Alumni business owners, as well as the Therrell High School Alumni Association. The hourly pay for these internships will be $8-$10 under the program depending on the position. A scholarship recipient can work up to 30 hours per month while in school/training. Applicants do not have to attend school in metro-Atlanta to receive a scholarship as some positions can be performed remotely with internet access, a telephone and a quiet space. Positions can include virtual assistant, social media apprentice, tech support apprentice, marketing apprentice and more.

(2) MENTORS TO ENTREPRENEURS - This program will select applicants based on their business idea and through the mentorship program, develop the idea into an online business. We will be awarding 3-6 scholarships. The most feasible business idea(s) will be turned into a fully-functional online corporation registered with the State of Georgia. The goal is for each business to become a learning experience and profit center for recipients. These businesses will be the beginning of a legacy of entrepreneurs from Therrell High School empowered and trained by Therrell High School Alumni business owners and supporters.

All scholarships include membership in the Therrell High School Alumni Association - www.therrellhighalumni.com.

Camrose Creative Services, Inc. will oversee the program in partnership with the Therrell High School Alumni Association, Inc. Interships begin during the summer.

• Students of Therrell High School - 10th grade and up.
• Must maintain a 2.5 GPA or above while in this program.
• Detail an online business idea that is well thought out and feasible. Only PG-13 content. (Note: A mobile/web app/game is also an appropriate business idea.)
• Copy of your most recent summary of grades.

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Section 1 - Personal Information
As part of the 2018 scholarship, please answer the following questions with full, thoughtful paragraphs. You will be judged on grammar, content and sentence structure.
1-1. Name (first/last) *
1-2. Birth date *
1-3. Email *
1-4. Cell Phone *
1-5. Address (street/city/state/zip) *
1-6. Are you a citizen of the United States of America? *
1-7. How many sister(s) and brother(s) do you have? *
1-8. Do you have family members who graduated from Therrell High School in the past? If yes, please list their names (first/last) and graduation year. *
1-9. Please list your social media IDs for Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and Facebook. *
Section 2 - Scholarship Essay Questions
As part of the 2017 scholarship, please answer the following questions with full, well thoughtout paragraphs. You will be judged on content and sentence structure.
2-1. What do you want to do after high school - attend college, technical or certificate program, get a job, etc.? *
1 point
2-2. What has been your experience as a student of Therrell High School (good, bad, okay) and how can Therrell improve on a student's experience? *
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2-3. What is one thing you would change in the world today? *
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Section 3 - Your Business Idea and Plan
As part of this program, we are providing recipients with an opportunity to start a fully functioning online business. To start a business you must have an idea. Please answer the following questions that we will use to create your business plan. Check your grammar and spelling.
3-1. Overview: What will you sell (a product or service)? *
3-2. Overview: Who will buy your product or service? *
3-3. Overview: How will your business idea help people? *
3-4. Ka-Ching: What will you charge? *
3-5. Ka-Ching: How will you get paid? *
3-6. Ka-Ching: How else will you make money from this project? *
3-7. Hustling: How will customers learn about your business? *
3-8. Hustling: How can you encourage referrals? *
3-9. Success: The project will be successful when it achieves these metrics (numbers) - either number of customers or annual income after expenses (net income): *
3-10. Obstacles/Challenges: Who is your competition? Identify potential challenges/obstacles. *
Business Plan Source
This business plan format was adapted from 100startup.com.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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