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Purpose of Reflection
At ORRJHS you are a member of a learning community that exists in multiple forms and sizes. The largest community is our school, and then you are a member of a grade, team, advisory, classes, groups, and pairs. We make decisions about how we behave, and sometimes a poor decision results in behavior that damages the community. In order to move forward in a healthy learning community and prevent similar behavior in the future, it is important to take responsibility for your actions and seek to be restored to that community. In this form, you will have an opportunity to come clean, by honestly telling your side of the story. You will have the opportunity to take responsibility for your actions, and problem solve for moving forward.
Getting the Story Out
1. What happened? *
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2. What are some feelings you have about what happened? *
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Taking Responsibility
3. How did your actions impact your learning? I was not able to: *
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4. In what way did your behavior impact others or the learning environment? *
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Problem Solving and Moving Forward
5. When a situation like this comes up again, what do you want to pay attention to and do? *
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Preparation and Rehearsal
6. What might be some things you can say or do to restore your good standing in the community and repair any damaged relationships? *
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