High-Ticket Webinar-Based Affiliate Programs - Igor Kheifets.
Igor Kheifets is an established, professional Lead Generation Expert, Affiliate Marketer & Online Business Owner.

If you are an experienced, successful Affiliate Marketer, with the proven ability to convert, and retain, multiple sales of a high-ticket product during a single webinar-based promotional campaign, Igor would like to hear from you.

Here are 2 of Igor's highest-converting high-ticket, webinar-based promotions for your consideration:

1) Elite Affiliate Pro.

EAP is a $997 offer that pays 40% commission. It shows your customers how to make money promoting private high-ticket webinar offers.

How Does It Convert?

House List
292 on start
270 on link drop
30 sales at $997 (no payment plan was offered)
$29,910 collected revenue
$102.43 per attendee

207 on start
180 on link drop
22 total sales (20 full pays and 2 split pays)
$21,134 collected revenue
$102.09 per attendee

13 sales (10 full pays $997 and 3 split pays)
$11,761 collected revenue

John Crestani
299 on start
250 on link drop
25 sales at $997
$24,925 collected revenue
$83.36 per attendee

97 on start
80 on link drop
10 sales at $997
$9,970 collected revenue
$102.78 per attendee

43 sales for $44,016

What Are The Best Audiences For It?

This offer works best with people who are already taking interest in internet marketing, working from home, affiliate marketing, passive income.

Where Can I Watch The Replay?

Watch replay here: https://kheifets-igor.wistia.com/medias/u0u3ey830g 

How Do We Process & Payout?

We process and pay out through Clickbank.

What Are Our Refund Rates?

30-day money back guarantee. Our refund rate is 7%.


2) MADS Academy.

MADS Academy is a step-by-step system to making passive income using Clickbank affiliate marketing and Microsoft Search Ads.
Price point: $1,497 or 5 monthly payments of $397.

Commissions: 40% -- $598.80/sale or $794/sale respectively.

Affiliate platform: Clickbank

Payout: automated payout by Clickbank

Refund rate: 3%

Replay: https://kheifets-igor.wistia.com/medias/ngvdwwkmis 


Live vs Recorded webinar: if you can put more than 100 people on a webinar, we will do a live webinar to your audience.

Feedback from some partners who promoted the webinar:

"Igor's webinar converted like gangbusters for me. With just 80 attendees from a segment of my audience, when it was all said and done, we finished the promo with 26 sales and I pocketed $15K in commissions"
John Thornhill

“I have to say, Igor did it again and knocked it out of the park. I promoted MADS webinar and it converted around 9-10% live and I am looking forward to running it again for our crew in a few months”
Sean Donahoe

“If you’re looking for a webinar with great content and dependable commissions, I highly recommend Igor’s new MADS Academy webinar. It converted well for us and got a lot of great feedback from our audience. Igor has a nice system that very few people are talking about, so you can expect high show up rates and solid results overall.”
Ron Douglas

“The MADS Academy promo exceeded my expectations!”
Dean Holland


Cross Promos Are Available, Under The Following Conditions:

Igor is a proven, successful high-ticket Affiliate Marketer, and can put a minimum of 100 attendees on a webinar.

* Igor must first must approve your offer before agreeing to a cross-promotion.
* For a cross promo, Igor requires that the JV partner must have the ability to put 100 people on a webinar. If you can't, you can still promote his offer, but he won't cross promote. If you can only bring 50 or so onto a webinar, then he will be happy to have your webinar play on his weekly re-occurring webinar, where he's got people rolling over every week, where he gets roughly 50-70 attendees.
* If he does agree to do a cross promo, then you both mail. Many partners tend to setup cross promos, but then use the "rolling webinars" as their platform, rather than mailing for 3-4 days into a webinar. There's a huge difference in conversions + we don't get the leads, just the buyers, and they don't mail the replay in this case. The structure Igor follows is mailing the live webinar for 3-4 days, then mail the replay through the weekend. It's essential that cross promo partners do the same.
* If the partner is using a platform outside of Clickbank to process their payments, then he'd like to get paid 80% of the promo earnings within 1 week of the promo. The rest after 30 days.


Please fill out and submit the form below to request affiliate program approval and connect directly with Igor Kheifets.


Mike Merz Sr
Officially Appointed JV Broker For Igor Kheifets
Founder/Owner/Admin of JVNotifyPro.com & JVNewsWatch.com

This affiliate program is run using ClickBank. If you're not already a ClickBank member, so can grab your free account here: http://jvnp2.reseller.hop.clickbank.net

Legal: Your contact details will not be sold, traded or given away. Mike Merz Sr may receive a commission for sales made through promotions on this page.

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