Company Memberships
MSL is exploring additional offerings for memberships. This form will help us determine suitable options for businesses and companies by learning what it is they want to do at MSL and how they will use the space.
What is the name of your Company/Business?
How many employees does your company have?
Which of the following reasons most accurately describes why your company is interested in a Company Membership?
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How many people would likley use the space at one time?
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How many different people would you want to be able use the space (not all at the same time)?
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Which of the following offerings would be the best fit for your company?
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Why did you choose the above option?
If a discount on membership was offered, which of the following would your company be able/willing to do? (Check all the apply)
Do you have any other ideas that would make a Company membership more useful to your business?
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