NO WAR CRIMINALS IN BOSTON: Protest "Israeli Soldiers Tour"
On Thursday November 2, Pro-Israel groups will host an event at Northeastern University featuring soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as part of a nationwide “Israeli Soldiers Tour,” on the centennial of the Balfour Declaration. (1)

The organizations and individuals signing this statement believe it is dangerous and misleading to normalize and put a friendly face on a brutally oppressive occupying military force.

We are calling for a community response on public property outside this event to bring awareness to the human rights abuses and war crimes of the IDF, which include:

- enforcing the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, declared illegal by the United Nations. (2)
- violating the human rights of Palestinians systematically, with unlawful killings, forced displacement, abusive detentions, and restrictions on movement. (3)
- killing at least 1,460 Palestinian civilians, including about 500 children, in the 2014 war on Gaza. In contrast, rockets fired from Gaza during this conflict killed 6 Israeli civilians. (4) Every civilian life taken is a war crime.
- acting with almost total impunity – Israel has consistently failed to hold its military accountable for war crimes. (5)

We are protesting the IDF in solidarity with Palestinians struggling for freedom, justice, and equality. We also extend solidarity to Palestinian members of our community, especially those who have been personally impacted by Israel’s crimes.

Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is rooted in settler-colonialism and white supremacy. Those of us who benefit from these unjust systems have a responsibility to dismantle them. Please sign below to join us in condemning the Israeli Soldiers Tour.

Northeastern University Students for Justice in Palestine
Northeastern University Progressive Student Alliance
Northeastern University Students Against Institutional Discrimination
Grad Q - Northeastern University Queer and Trans Grad Student Organization
University of Massachusetts Students for Justice in Palestine
Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine
Wellesley Students for Justice in Palestine
Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine
Boston University Students for Justice in Palestine
Bard Students for Justice in Palestine
Suffolk Students for Justice in Palestine
Jewish Voice for Peace - Boston
Party for Socialism and Liberation - Boston
ANSWER Coalition Boston - Act Now to Stop War and End Racism
Boston Solidarity
United for Justice with Peace
Boston Food not Bombs

If your organization wants to sign this statement, contact!



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