Youth Alliance 4 Zero Hunger Volunteers
Good day! This is Jim Cano, YPARD Global Focal Person to the Youth Alliance for Zero Hunger where I also currently serve as the Chair. We are hoping to connect with YPARDians who are willing to be engaged with the Youth Alliance; hence, this form.

The Youth Alliance for Zero Hunger is a youth-led, youth-governed group to act as a conduit for evidence,
examples and viewpoints of youth to progress the goals of zero hunger and sustainable

By filling out this form, you agree to share the necessary data about yourself that will help the Working Groups of the Youth Alliance for Zero Hunger link you to events and opportunities (e.g. consultations, workshops, surveys, conferences), where youth can actively participate and influence agricultural policies of the Rome-based Agencies (FAO, IFAD, and WFP).
NOTICE OF CONSENT: I understand that by volunteering and registering to the list of Youth Alliance 4 Zero Hunger Advocates, I will share relevant information that will help Working Groups link me to opportunities for engagement related to the goals of the Alliance. If I click "No", it would keep my name in the list but not link me to the aforementioned opportunities. *
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