Freight School Playbook-Become a Coach
We at FSP believe in the power of creators. That's why we reward Coaches with high commission payouts to your referrals as long as you're creating value for the members. You also control all of your content--so if you're ever not happy with us, you are free to leave at any time and publish your content wherever you please.

The end goal is for FSP and its coaches to create high value content and use our referral links to generate recurring revenue while providing an extreme amount of value to our members

Overall there aren't many rules to being a FSP Coach. But just in case:

-You have to create a new course at least once every four months to stay at the high commission rate. Otherwise after a period of inactivity, we'll bump ya down to the standard affiliate rate. You won't lose any members you've already recruited but the recurring payouts will transform to the lower tier after a period of prolonged inactivity.

-A standard course consists of 3-5 videos, source links, text on what the course is about, and a quiz the user should complete on the course topic. The only thing we do ask is that all course topics are pitched and approved PRIOR to filming them so we're not wasting anyone's time.

-Commission payouts to you average around 60 days after a member has joined via your custom referral link.

-You don't need a ton of video experience. But you do need to be able to speak well on camera.

-If you need help in the editing department, we have some cost effective freelancers that can assist.

-If you're approved, we'll send you a followup email to get started on your bio page. This is an opportunity to pitch not only the courses you're teaching but any additional services you may be offering. Any course that has a spammy feel to it (e.g. sales pitches galore, other affiliate links, etc...) will not be posted to the website. Remember, this is about providing REAL value to members. If they like your teaching style, your bio is the page they can reach out to work with you.

-We reserve the right to accept or refuse any Coach for any reason at any time that may be detrimental to the company. Fancy talk for don't be a jerk online.
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