Become a Volunteer with the Immigrant Legal Defense Center
The Santa Barbara County Immigrant Legal Defense Center (ILDC) is an emerging non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide equal access to justice and due process to indigent immigrants. In doing so, the organization will 1) coordinate the recruitment and training of volunteer attorneys to provide pro bono immigration legal services to non citizens, particularly those facing deportation and 2) provide community education to help immigrants understand their basic civil rights. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer through our organization, and therefore support families in removal proceedings, please complete this form.


According to the Migration Policy Institute, there are more than 100,000 immigrants living in Santa Barbara County. Of those, 43,000 are undocumente. Moreover, nearly 48% of all children in Santa Barbara County live in a household where one or more parents are foreign born. While noncitizens have a right to counsel, they do not have a right to counsel at the government's expense. After being detained, noncitizens are traditionally sent to remote detention centers where access to counsel is zero to none. Currently, in Santa Barbara County, not a single Santa Barbara based non-profit organization provides systematic representation to immigrants in removal proceedings. Thus, the vast majority of individuals being arrested and placed into removal proceedings are unrepresented and faced with the prospect of steep and generally unaffordable legal fees even when they have a good defense against deportation.

The ILDC will fill this void by recruiting and training volunteer attorneys to represent immigrants who have lived in Santa Barbara County, cannot afford private representation, and are eligible for release on bond.

We cannot do this project alone! We need volunteers with language skills, and without, to assist in helping our clients: communicate with their pro bono attorney, psychologist, etc.; receive transportation to the Los Angeles Immigration Court, ICE check-ins, and detention centers. All volunteers will receive training by the Center prior to engaging in volunteer work.

If you are unable to volunteer, but would still like to help, consider making a donation by sending a check to: 120 E. Jones St. Suite 117 Santa Maria, CA 93454 addressed to the: "Santa Barbara County Immigrant Legal Defense Center."

The ILDC is scheduled to open it's doors this summer.

Thank You,
Anahi Mendoza, Executive Director
120 E. Jones St. Suite 117 Santa Maria, CA 93454 - (805) 886-9136

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