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There's power in telling your story. As FGLI students, we've been through more than the average college student. Unlike some of our peers, we're unable to benefit from the educational experiences and privileges of our parents and arrive at college feeling lost and unwelcome. By discussing our experiences and focusing on our unique strengths, we can begin to build capacity as a community and uplift one another, inspiring others to persevere and redesign our institutions to be more supportive for first-generation and low-income students.

What's your story? Submit your narrative to us to be featured on our website. To fit within our model of difference-education, make sure to include:
- Background information: Where did you grow up? What was your life like? Were you first in your family to attend college?
Were your parents supportive of this decision?
- Education: Was college what you expected? Did you struggle to find friends? How did you overcome these struggles?
- Importance: What does being an FGLI student mean to you? How does your identification as FGLI give you strength?
How do you seek support when you need it?

Use these questions as a guide in framing your response. Submissions are usually 1 page in length - about 300-350 words. We recommend drafting in a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Please make sure to discuss both the struggles you've faced as an FGLI student, and how your FGLI background gives you strength. If you have questions concerning these guidelines please contact us at fglistories@gmail.com.

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Why do we ask? Experiences on college campuses and in higher education can vary. Minorities and people of color may experience prejudice and racism that white FGLI students do not. We're interested in learning more about the intersection of FGLI+ identities (ex. FG + LI + Latinx or FG + Black, etc). Additionally, some people of color find it empowering to hear stories from people who look like them and/or come from the same cultural background and we'd like to provide that opportunity for them. Please select all that apply.
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Please review submission guidelines at the top of the page or on our website.
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