I am looking for an abyssinian cat!
Abyssinian cats from Funky Valentine cattery in Belgrade, Serbia are healthy, without genetic disorders and are properly vaccinated. Cats have unique microchips and international World Cat Federation (WCF) pedigrees. WCF pedigree is a listing of ancestors over 4 generations and their championship titles. Pedigrees are protected with numbered holograms.

Cats from Funky Valentine cattery are true pedigree cats. Cats may enter and compete on Belgrade Meow Fest or other licenced cat shows.

If you wish to learn more about pedigree cats, please read our short guide "Pedigree Cats for Beginners" (how to choose and buy a pedigree cat):


If we have kittens or accept reservations, we will get back to you soon!

Funky Valentine WCF Belgrade, Serbia
www.abisinke.rs / abisinke.fv@gmail.com / 063-833-8361
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