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The Tasmanian Filmmakers Alliance represents independent filmmakers in Tasmania. Simply fill out this form to join.

Membership is presently free, and open to anyone over the age of 18 identifying themselves as a Tasmanian filmmaker.

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TaFA Position Statement
These are the core positions on the Tasmanian film industry TaFA holds. You need to agree to these to become a member. More specific positions will be formulated in consultation with members.

1. The Tasmanian film industry has economic and cultural value to the state.

2. Government support is necessary for an active and healthy Tasmanian film industry. This support should be responsive to the unique challenges of filmmaking in Tasmania and provided in a consultative, transparent, and accountable way.

3. While support for inbound production is valuable, prioritising Tasmanian filmmakers is crucial to developing a strong local industry and screen culture.

4. Emerging Tasmanian filmmakers require ongoing support, including training, facilitated community, and access to equipment.

5. Early to mid career Tasmanian filmmakers require access to financing for both project development and production.

6. Tasmanian filmmakers are responsible for the development of an inclusive, safe, and sustainable production industry.
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