KAAN 2018: Call for Proposals
KAAN is accepting proposals through November 1, 2017 for its 20th annual conference, which will take place in Minneapolis, MN from June 29-July 1, 2018.

*** Please read this document in full before completing our proposal forms. ***

Links for Online CFP Submission at www.KAANet.org (both parts required by 11/1/17 deadline):
• Part I—Session Proposal Form
• Part II—Individual Speaker Application (one per speaker)

In our theme, Caring for our Community: Mental Health, Self-Care, and Advocacy, we seek proposals exploring holistic well-being of adoptees and adoptive families. What does it mean when we create a space to delve deeper into moments of struggle? How do we grow as individuals and communities as a result of healthy dialogue? Tell us about advances in academic research, mental health services, activism in South Korea and the US, and in the day-to-day interactions within families and peer groups. Of particular interest are proposals that address:

• MENTAL HEALTH: What happens when we overlook mental health needs in adoptive families? Why is it important to address mental health and well-being? What unique mental health services are needed to support members of the adoption community? What tools or best practices exist to improve cultural competency and address the existence of racial microaggressions in school and the workplace?
• SELF-CARE: Why is important to address self-care? What happens when self-care is overlooked in adoptive families? How do we negotiate self-care with our professional and personal lives? What tools or best practices exist that are specific to adoption-related issues?
• ADVOCACY: Adoption-related activism is nothing knew to the Korean adoption community. Whether it’s advocating for birth mothers’ or adoptees’ rights in Korea or seeking retroactive citizenship for adoptees without citizenship in the US, activism is a central component to thinking about adoption from Korea. What can adoptees and allies do to support various calls to action? Why is advocacy and activism important?
• MEMBERS OF THE ADOPTION CONSTELLATION: Many of our sessions directly meet the needs of adoptees and adoptive parents, especially those with children who are young or young adult adoptees. As we expand the conversation, we seek proposals that specifically address the perspective and needs of the following groups:
o PARTNERS & SPOUSES OF ADOPTEES: How does adoption impact adoptees’ and their partners/spouses? What questions arise concerning parenting and negotiating racism within extended and blended families? We’re interested in proposals across the spectrum of KAAN attendees from those partners/spouses who are new to KAAN to individuals interested in deeper conversations about what it means to be an effective ally to their transracially, adopted partners/spouse.
o PARENTS OF ADULT ADOPTEES: Often conversations concerning adoption focus on adoptive parents and their relationship with their minor children — those under the age of 18. But, how do adoptive parents’ relationships with their adopted adults shift as these individuals enter new phases in their lives? What are adoptive parents’ roles (do they have one?) when adoptees search and/or reunite with their birth parents? We’re interested in proposals exploring what it means to be a grandparent in a transracial, adoptive family and conversations concerning how to support adult adoptees as allies.

We seek sessions that are entry points for those just beginning to be involved in formalized conversations around adoption as well as sessions with fresh material for those who have been actively engaged in public transracial adoption discourse over many conferences and structured settings. Applicants should clearly identify if their session is aimed at newcomers, returning attendees, and/or those with advanced understanding of issues concerning adoption and race. Please select the correct box on Part 1 of the application.

Successful proposals create an environment where eyes are opened to new ways of thinking and provide tools that attendees can use to make changes and improvements in their communities.

Adoptee only sessions will be offered in each block. We will group accepted general session proposals into suggested educational tracks, including those recommended for partners/spouses of adoptees, adoptive parents, social justice advocates, and those pursuing better health and wellness.

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