Performing Arts Middle & Senior School Co-Curricular Registration Form 2019
Kristin Performing Arts Department offer students the opportunity to participate in the following co-curricular activities:

Boys Hip-Hop Dance Group, Dance Groups for Year 7&8, Year 9&10 and Years 11-13, Euphony Auditioned Girls' Choir, Year 9-13, Boysterous Year 9-13 Boys Choir, Year 7&8 Choir, Jazz Combo, Kristin Big Band, Kristin Orchestra, Middle School Orchestra (string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments), Middle School Musical Theatre, Middle School Drama Club, Chamber Music for Advanced Musicians, Middle School Stage Band, Middle School Rock Bands, Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival, Year 7&8 Drama Club, Art Club for both Middle and Senior School students, Polynesian Club.

Groups and activities are subject to sufficient numbers and confirmed during Term 1. Registrations for some groups are welcomed throughout the year, however, some groups will be subject to an audition.

The incredible talents of Kristin students are showcased in three major theatrical productions each year. These events are auditioned and successful applicants will be required to complete an Expectation and Commitment form.

Performing Arts Co-curricular Group Selection
Please select the group you wish to register for below. If you wish to register for more than one group, please register again using a new form. You can select more than one group activity, however, please consider your other commitments before making your decision. Most groups commence in Week 5 of Term 1, after Camp Week. Confirmations will be sent out in Week 4. If a group is starting before Week 5, confirmation will be sent out earlier in the term.
Please select the activity you wish to register for from the drop list below.
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Other Sport and Cultural Commitments this year
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Season Fees and Costs
A registration fee of $80, per activity, will be charged to your school account to cover the costs of administering the co-curricular programs and ancillary costs. The registration fee for Euphony is $250.
Parent/Legal Guardian/Fee payer must complete this section
Please do not continue with completion of this form unless you are the parent/legal guardian/fee payer.
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Payment of Fees/costs *
I give permission to charge our school account to cover the above fees/costs. $80 per activity. $250 for Euphony.
Permissions *
I give permission for my son/daughter to register for these Kristin School activities.
Parent Code of Conduct
As a Kristin School parent I will to the best of my ability:

• Encourage my child and other children in their efforts in Performing Arts
• Respect my child’s efforts and those of others at all times
• Exercise self-control as an audience member
• Always be positive and never ridicule or shout at performers
• Show appreciation and respect to all tutors, coaches, managers, and those who volunteer their time
so my child can participate in Performing Arts
• Remember that my child participates in Performing Arts for his/her reasons, not mine
• Be a positive role model for my child in my attitude towards Performing Arts
• Never place undue pressure on my child to perform

All students who wish to participate in Performing Arts at Kristin are required to fully commit to the groups or casts and full attendance at rehearsals and performances is expected.

Parent Code of Conduct and Commitment to Performing Arts *
I have read and agree to the above terms of the Parent Code of Conduct and Commitment to Performing Arts
Students Agreement
As a Kristin Performing Arts participant I agree to:
• Give my full commitment to my performance group
• Be punctual to rehearsals and performances
• Always show respect and courtesy to my conductor, director, coach, manager and assistants
• Strive to achieve my personal best
Students Agreement *
My child has read and agrees to the above terms of the Students Agreement
Binding agreement *
I have signed this on my own behalf and on behalf of the student as a parent or in locus parenti. By submitting, I am delivering an electronic signature that will have the same effect as an original manual paper signature. The electronic signature will be equally as binding as an original manual paper signature.
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