Big Dub Festival 2020 Volunteer Application
YAY! You thought about volunteering at Big Dub Festival 2020, and here you are, making it happen! Thank you for your desire to be a part of this event. Community participation is fundamental to the festival and also to growing yourself as an individual, thus supporting the sacred balance of life.

For all first-time crew members, there is a deposit of $185 that must be sent via PayPal if approved. Upon completion of the required number of hours we refund the deposit. This deposit is in place to ensure that crew members complete the required number of hours. As a thank you, we waive all fees for all returning crew that are in good standing. Sorry, we don’t accept deposits via mail.This deposit is not a ticket.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING CANCELLATIONS: The more notice you can give us, the better. We appreciate your consideration, since we’ll need to find someone else to take your place. Any cancellations made after July 15th are not eligible for a deposit refund, except in extenuating circumstances, and at the discretion of Big Dub. For those that cancel after this date, deposits are kept to cover administrative costs associated with last minute changes to hiring and scheduling.Every job has its own specific level of compensation which will be explained further in the interview process should we choose to consider you.

PLEASE NOTE- If you are a volunteer in Main Camp or Hilltop, you will be camping in Hilltop. If you are a volunteer for New Camp, you will be camping in New Camp. 
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