Parrot Adoption Application
This questionnaire has been designed to aid us in determining if the animal you're interested in will be a good fit for you and if your home is suitable for our rescue animal.  Please answer all questions honestly and feel free to add your own comments.  You must 18 or over to apply.   Thank you for completing this!
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Which parrot are you interested in adopting?
What qualities are you looking for in a parrot? *
Have you read this parrot's bio and watched videos if they're provided?  If not, please read and watch them now,
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List all adults in your home and their ages *
Occupation (if retired, please say "retired" and list previous occupation) *
Spouse's Occupation (if retired, please say retired and list previous occupation)
Who will be primarily responsible for the care of the bird? *
Do you have children under the age of 18 living in your home? *
If yes, what are their ages?
How often do minors (those under the age of 18)  visit your home? *
Does someone smoke, burn candles, cook with teflon (including new toaster ovens & new space heaters), or use diffusers in your home at any time?  (These things can kill birds since their air sacs are very sensitive.) *
What type of cleaning products will you use in your home if you adopt this bird?
What type of dwelling unit do you live in now? *
How long have you lived at this address? *
Who owns the residence you live in now? *
Would you be okay if a rescue representative visited your home? *
Are you aware many species of parrots can be very noisy, messy, a lot of work, expensive if properly taken care of (vet visits, toys,etc) and are a lifetime commitment?  Are all members in your household prepared for this? *
Have you ever owned a parrot before?  If so what types? *
What happened to this/these parrot(s)?
Do you own a parrot(s) now?  If so what type(s) and sex? *
Do you have an avian vet? *
If you have or had an avian vet, what's his/her name?
How much reading or research have you done on the type of parrot you're applying for?     *
Will the parrot be outdoors  at least part of the time? *
If outdoors at least part of the time,  how will you protect him from predators like hawks?
Do you have any dogs or cats or do any visit your home? *
Please tell us more about them (examples are age, weight, breed, prey drive, energy level, etc) and how you'd keep this parrot safe from them. *
What are you planning on feeding this parrot? *
About how many hours per day will this bird be allowed outside its cage? *
How many hours per day will this parrot get one on one human attention?

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What type of attention will the parrot be getting?

Do you plan on having this parrot's wings trimmed?
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Do you have any ceiling fans?
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If you're planning on not having his wings trimmed how will you keep him from escaping outdoors and from various indoor dangers (dogs, fans, hot stove, toilets etc)?
Who will take care of this parrot when you go away on vacation? *
Who will take care of this parrot if you become sick or pass a way? *
We often receive multiple applications for the same parrot. Can you tell us why you feel your home is the best we could find?   *
Is there anything else you'd like to share or do you have any questions about this animal?
Thank you for your interest and taking the time to answer our questions.  Due to a shortage of volunteers, do you understand we will only be contacting you if we feel you and this bird could be a great match?
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