Survey Questionnaire - Resident Evil 2
This survey aims to collect information about your knowledge and user engagement with the game Resident Evil 2
Reimagined. The results of this research will raise the profile of consumption of participants whose results will be used in the academic final paper of the responsible for this research: Iallan Sebastião da Silva, majoring in Social Communications with a qualification in advertising and propaganda.

If you have not played Resident Evil 2, please do not respond.

The link of this questionnaire will be open for answers between march 1 to 25.

There is neither identification of the participant of the questionnaire nor sale of information for any commercial institution. The purpose of this work is strictly academic.

1. Sexual Orientation *
2. Age *
3. Occupation *
4. Earnings *
5. Do you know the franchise Resident Evil? *
5.1 If so, how long have you known?
5.2 If you have known for more than 5 years, do you consider yourself a traditional or modern player?
6. How many hours per week do you usually play? *
7. What Resident Evil's digital media do you often access? *
8. How did you hear about Resident Evil 2? *
9. Have you played the original version from 1998? *
10. Did you purchase the game during pre-sale or after launch? *
10.1 If you purchased during pre-sale, what were the reasons?
11. For which platform did you buy Resident Evil 2? *
12. Did you participate in any event during the pre-launch of the game? *
13. Have you watched live streamings and / or influential videos about the game before you purchased it? *
13.1 If so, for what reason?
14. What did you think of the strategy of "reimagining" old company games? *
15. Have you played other franchise Resident Evil games yet? *
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