Bullying, Violence and Discrimination Questionnaire
Erasmus Project "Together Against Discrimination"
1. How old are you?
2. Gender
3. How are with your classmates?
4. Do you know anyone victim of bullying?
5. Have you ever been victim of bullying?
6. If yes, when did it happen?
7. How did you get bullied?
8. Do you think bullies act alone or in groups?
9. Have you ever been a victim of violence?
10. If yes, what kind of violence have you suffered?
11. How often have you been a victim of bullying (bullying, discrimination, violence)?
12. What are the consequences of bullying on you?
13. Who would you inform after being bullied?
14. What do you do if you see someone being bullied?
15. Have you ever bullied anyone?
16. Why did you decide to bully someone?
17. When someone acts like bullying to you, your mates .......
18. When someone acts like bullying to you, adults ...
19. Does it happen to you to stay alone because none of your mates wants to be with you?
20. Do you think the School and / or the Institutions activate awareness-raising, information and prevention programs against these types of bullying?
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