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Senior quotes are a way to leave a final impression on the student body of University High School. You can leave an inspirational message or a funny joke; anything you want that is, of course, school appropriate. If you have any questions feel free to ask Mrs. Kessler (HaliKessler@iusd.org) in Room 412 or Jenna Schindele (jennaliu19@gmail.com).

There is a character limit of 80.

Quotes are due by November 20, 2018 (BEFORE THANKSGIVING BREAK)

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VOTE for your Most Influential Teacher. This can be a teacher who's class you really liked, someone who's Office Hours you went to every day, or even just the teacher you've always enjoyed talking to. Every vote counts!
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Senior favorites are a fun way for you to distinguish your peers who have made a name for themselves at the school. Remember, we want this to be fun and light-hearted, so please do not nominate people who would find being nominated offensive.

Please nominate someone for ONLY ONE category (we want a variety of people nominated!!)

- Vote for ONLY 2 people!!! (2 girls, 2 guys, or 1 girl and 1 guy)
- Any forms with more than 2 people for each category will not be counted
- Include FIRST and LAST names
- Separate names with a comma

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