2019 Request for Proposals to Present at NCAEYC's 66th Annual Conference
NCAEYC 66th Annual Conference - Connecting Birth-8 Across Our State - People. Practice. Policy
2019 Request for Proposals to Present at NCAEYC's 66th Annual Conference
Calling all highly qualified presenters interested in providing professional development that promotes and inspires excellence in the early care and education of children birth through age 8!

To submit a proposal:
Complete and submit the following online form (Questions 1 – 13 below).
Upon submission, you will receive an email confirmation.
Contact Chris Butler at cbutler @ncaeyc.org or 919-510-5034 if you have any questions.

RFP's will be accepted through April 25, 2019.
Presenters will be notified of acceptance by early June.
As a show of appreciation, the main presenter and one co-presenter will receive complimentary registration to Friday and Saturday Conference sessions.

This year’s theme is “Connecting Birth-8 Across Our State - People, Principles, Practice, Policy and Professionalism"
Topic areas of particular interest for our 2019 Annual Conference include:
• Child Development and Developmentally Appropriate Practice
• Wellness and Well-being of Children and Adults; Building Resilience and Trauma informed care
• Professionalism and professionalizing our field of early care and education
• Supporting bi-lingual/bi-cultural or multi-lingual/multi-cultural learners
• Supporting the leadership, skills and knowledge of Directors, Program Administrators, Principals, Superintendents
• Supporting all ECE professionals across 0-8 continuum with a particular emphasis on Infant/Toddler and K-3 professionals implementing a Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum and Practice
• Supporting the acquisition of knowledge and capacity to implement NAEYC Standards, Practices & Positions
Research, practices, resources and strategies that promote and support including CULTURAL COMPETENCE and approaches to DIVERSITY, INCLUSION, AND EQUITY in early childhood education

NCAEYC is seeking presentations targeted to three distinct audiences:
• Emerging... professionals that are just entering the field or are studying to become early childhood educators.
• Established… professionals that have been working in the field for a few years and are seeking additional skills and knowledge to enhance and extend their current practices.
• Experienced…professionals working in the field for a number of years seeking challenging professional development to expand their existing skills, knowledge & practices and updates on latest evidence-based practice.

NCAEYC’s Request for Proposals aligns with standards of excellence outlined by IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) so please thoroughly complete each section of the RFP.

Criteria for Selection of Presentations:
NCAEYC is seeking highly qualified presenters interested in providing sessions that encompass the many facets of early care and education for children birth through age 8 and those who work with them or on their behalf. The content, wherever possible, should reflect and be supported by evidence or research and provide participants with information, resources and strategies that will make a positive difference in their professional practice.

When completing the RFP, presenters should ensure that:
• The topic is relevant to needs of NC’s early childhood professionals and speaks to a current issue, research topic, or an approach/practice in early childhood.
• The topic and approach are consistent with NAEYC’s Standards, Practices and Position statements, especially Developmentally Appropriate Practice (http://www.naeyc.org/DAP) and with NC’s Foundation for Early Learning and Development guidelines/standards (http://ncchildcare.nc.gov/pdf_forms/nc_foundations.pdf).
• The topic or approach must be applicable to the diverse gender, cultural, linguistic, and ability needs of children, families, and professionals.
• The approach is consistent with adult learning principles and promotes implementation of practice. (http://agelesslearner.com/intros/adultlearning.html#web).
• The RFP is fully complete. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
• The presentation is not a promotion or endorsement of a commercial product or for-profit program.

Session Host/Hostess
All presenters will be supported by an NCAEYC “volunteer session host/hostess” to assist with any of your presenter needs including, but not limited to:
• Helping set up for your presentation
• Distributing handouts
• Taking attendance
• Communicating any of your needs with NCAEYC staff

Thank you for submitting a proposal!
NCAEYC’s 66th Annual Conference would not be possible without the generous support and commitment from professionals and our partner agencies whose investment in this professional development event helps to positively impact North Carolina’s early educators and the children and families that they serve!

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Session Description
Please use action statements that align with session outcomes to catch the attention of attendees; include powerful words that tell what they will learn; how they will learn it; and why it is relevant and applicable.; NCAEYC reserves the right to edit session titles and descriptions that are accepted for presentation.
Session Description *
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Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes must be clear, specific, concise and measurable. Briefly describe the outcomes of your session which must include teaching methods and how participant's knowledge will be assessed. In what ways will the content shared enhance the practice, knowledge or skills of participants? Use words such as "increase knowledge and comprehension," "be able to apply or analyze information," "be able to synthesize and evaluate information." Avoid using words such as "understand", "knows", "demonstrates knowledge of", "become familiar with", "appreciate", "grasp".
Learning Outcomes
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Summary of Supporting Evidence
Summary of Supporting Evidence (Please describe the evidence that supports content; i.e. cite research, publications, and/or professional and practical experiences and values).
Summary of Supporting Evidence
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Teaching Methods
Teaching Methods (What teaching methods will you use during your session? Some examples of teaching methods include: lecture, visuals, video, audio, examples, instructions, and analogies.
Teaching Methods
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Assessment of Participants' Knowledge
What methods will you use to assess participants learning? Some examples include engaging games or summary activities that embed multiple choices, true/false, matching, fill in blanks, short answer, or role plays. Note: Presenters are not required or encouraged to assess learner's knowledge through written forms of assessment
Assessment of Participants' Knowledge
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Presenter(s) Expertise
What education and/or experience to you have that qualifies you to conduct a workshop about this topic?
Presenter(s) Expertise
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Have you presented this topic/session previously? If so, please briefly describe when and where
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Session Style/Room Arrangement *
Audio Visual
NCAEYC will provide a projection screen, projection stand and projection cables in each session room.
Each session room is also equipped with one presenter table.
Presenters are responsible for either bringing or ordering any audio visual equipment needed during their session i.e. LCD projectors, laptops, speakers, microphones etc.
If you are using a MAC laptop for your session, you must provide your own connection cables.
Audio visual items can be ordered through American Audio Visual.
If your session is selected, you will be provided with instructions and an order form with your acceptance letter.
Free internet access is available.
Please indicate *
Please indicate any additional items required for your session
Applicable Age Group *
Target Audience *
Please indicate Content Areas
Requirements for documentation of Professional Development Content Areas vary for NCAEYC Conference attendees. Please consider how your session aligns with DCDEE Content Areas and/or NCDPI Professional Development Teachers Repository. Your session may meet the needs of one or both systems.
Typically, if your content focus on birth-age 5, you need to complete ONLY the DCDEE Content Areas.
If your content focuses on K-3rd grade, you only complete the DPI areas of Professional Development.
However, in some circumstances, content focus for Pre-K might be applicable to both (for example, Birth-Kindergarten Licensed Teachers who might need both DCDEE and DPI credits).
If you have questions, feel free to contact us at 919-510-5034.
Please select no more than 2 DCDEE content Areas
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Please select no more than 2 Areas of DPI Teacher Licensure that your presentation addresses
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