High School Teacher Survey
Hi! I'm Chase, I'm a sophomore at MIT collecting insights from high school teachers on how well-prepared and well-equipped you feel your students are for professional life beyond high school (and even college).

Your thoughts are appreciated!
How often are your students exposed to professional opportunities beyond high school? (1-infrequent, 10-most frequent) *
In what ways are your students exposed to professional opportunities (if any)? *
How badly do you wish there was a way for your students to gain professional exposure within the classroom? *
Do you feel as though professional exposure/learning can coexist with academic learning within a classroom? *
How willing would you be to add or reallocate 30 minutes to your students' schedule for some form of professional learning/exposure? (of course this decision comes from administration, but this would impact you the most) *
Anything else you'd like to add?
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