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If you find a broken link, or a new site we havent yet added to our list, please let us know here, if you dont want to use your own email then please use tawc120@gmail.com

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Thousands of companies giving money away
Link type, whatever the link is timed, new product, broken. The source of the link, if you have found a great donor page, a golden nugget product, a great review, a motivational mentor or course, add them here
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We are trying to identify and then remove all those annoying missing pages, that are timeconsuming, frustaing and lose the owner of the site client trust and their credibility, if you find them tell us, similarly update pages and new products get lost in all those searchenngines, our hub of safe and tested sites are about making things easier and more profiable, whetehr you are a cuase, charity, individual business or anyone wanting to make a great second income
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Each pioneers page has upto 100 topics and capiagns, and upto a 1000 helpful links, revies, products and services to maximise your earning potential, what can we help you with, or where was the link, you found
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Our service is based on getting you to the products, donations or services you want as quickly as possible, each network may have different strategies or products that are no longer availble, keep our database fresh and up to date
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If you have a favourite source , cashback, network, or donations provider, that isnt in the list abovelet us know, we will give you an override link on every visit to that site .
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Name of the store, charity, product or service, whether its an Easyfundraising donor provider or your favourite cause, do not use the link address, use the name itself, if its not in the list below, use the Other Tab
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Simply copy and paste the missing link url from your browser or a new link here and we will update at our earliest convenience, if the link hasnt been used before, or the site is new on our database you will get an override on that site, via one of our beta-link providers, just imagine, 30 secs now, could make you a commission on every click thereafter
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Because you get paid on links and services as part of our beta-links service, we need you to create a unique Identifier UIN inthe format each campaign has a number eg CP1 so your UIN TAWC1/BirthYear/Postcode/Campaign Tawc1/1977/OL6/CP1
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We dont collect much personal data,on our site, as we have links to social media blogs and chat s, wher e your details are in the public arena, your email is optional as each of our sites collect and are covered by GDPR Regulations and cookie policy, however if you want to be contacted by email, on updates prizes and payouts, but we are a community and so an Avatar is required for our team to recognise each other
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The UIN is attached to each link submitted, so when we create URl beta links the commssion is on all links you submitted, this is the same form wheter you are a new member or esatblished, a cause, service product, or provider
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Anything you want to add, it will be held in strict confidence,if you wish to submit pdf, excel, csv, or word documents, with bulk links, send them to tawc120@gmail.com, we will then distribute it over our network and updated the database, you also get your results on our pioneer pages and your own personalised links faster.You can also share a spreadsheet, using google for example, so create a page and we will collect form there, put your link here.
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