The Doubleclicks seeking nonbinary artists, animators, filmmakers for an upcoming music video.

We are the Doubleclicks, a band. Specifically, I am Laser (they/them), and I'm looking for artistic collaborators to help with an upcoming music video about nonbinary identities/ "singular they" and generally respecting pronouns. But it's funny.

We would like to hire a group of non-binary artists for this project, each to illustrate one line of dialogue for a music video - with an image, a painting, a short animated film (like 5-10 seconds), collage - anything really! You don't have to have professional experience, but we would like to see some examples of your work.

You will be given a template, a prompt, and some instructions! Each line is shown on screen for 4-10 seconds and will be credited and linked to you. Each illustration will be paid $25 or more. We are looking for unique art styles, digital or very well-scanned analog art - or short animated expressions (which will be paid more, we'll be discussing this with our pals to find out what is reasonable!)

All artists who identify as nonbinary/genderqueer/use they/them pronouns (regardless of expression or pronouns) are encouraged to apply, we are seeking a diversity of representations in both the art and the artists. You'll get to hear the song if we select you for the project.

Questions, please email:

Please fill out this form and we will get in touch if you fit our needs! This is not a guarantee! Thanks!

YOU WILL BE SENT THE SONG IF SELECTED FOR THIS PROJECT, so you'll know what you're getting into!

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