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REMEMBER: Depending when you place your cancellation, you can have a month or two of services left in which you can enjoy our facility. It is your responsibility to ensure payment is cleared for all final membership fees. Should payment be stopped or an account is closed a lawsuit will be filed immediately and you will be responsible for all court costs, fees etc!! (a list of applicable gym fees can be found on the website at or subsites. *IF you are still unsure of our cancellation process, please schedule an appointment to come in as soon as possible.
Terms & Conditions Submitting Cancellation
I wish to CANCEL my draft membership at Total Body Gym & Tan. I acknowledge and agree that when I signed up it would take 35 bank days to cancel this membership, not counting weekends or holidays (which can also take longer should my original draft agreement state). I will make sure the monies are in the bank for the final draft(s). I am also aware that I could be entitled to a month or more in a membership depending on when my draft cancellation takes effect. I acknowledge that a ADDITIONAL fees could be added on to the draft SHOULD MY DRAFT RETURN from my bank with a NSF charge (whatever the current market rate), plus a charge for each additional run until payment clears; this includes "Stop Payment" fee (whatever the current market rate), or a rejection/return due to Closed account along with fees(whatever the current market rate). I also acknowledge that the access (key) card is property of Total Body Gym and Tan, and is due in accordance to these terms and agreement, as well as my confirmation letter once I receive it. Should I keep the access (key) card, my bank account could be assessed additional monthly cash price charges, membership fees, and non return card fees, lost/damaged, access (key) card, and should the access (key) card be damaged or non working additional fees for replacement can occur. ALSO by non-return of the access (key) card, it is an implied consent that I wish to continue my membership at a monthly cash price and will be charged a monthly cash price until the card is received with my notice of final cancellation. I will receive notice of when my last draft will occur, and when access card is due. I acknowledge that I can drop the card in the INSIDE drop box, or the mailbox outside but until it is in the confirmed possession of Total Body Gym & Tan I am held completely responsible for all responsibilities it holds. I acknowledge that it is MY responsibility to ensure that the card is working when received and that my account is satisfactory or I could be charged with additional fees. I acknowledge I can and will be held legally responsible for any and all legal fees, court cost, and past due balance, should my account be placed in collections for a past due balance.
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