Family Camp Week 2 - Camp Shehaqua
Dates: Monday, July 29nd to Saturday, August 3
Camp Shehaqua - Hickory Run State Park
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Welcome to camp registration! To get started, please start by confirming the following.
All registrations are required to have at least one person who is 18 years or older.
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Reminder: Medical Forms for Kids Under 18
If you have any kids under 18, please fill out the medical form linked below as well for each child after you have finished registration. This is required by the state of Pennsylvania.
Instructions for Adopting Kids
If you are accepting a request to adopt another family's child:
1. Arrange with the adoptee's family first to adopt their child for the week and decide who will register the adopted child
2. If you are registering the adopted child yourself, include them on your registration.
3. In the comments for that child, please specify the adoptee's parent and their email.
4. If you specify the adoptee's parent's email, we will send the invoice to that parent for the cost. If you do not specify their email, we will have to send you an invoice with the full cost of the adoption.

If you are requesting a child to be adopted:
1. Find and arrange a family to adopt your child for Family Camp by talking directly with the adopting family.
2. Register up to two of your children who are seeking adopting families.
3. In the comments for that child, specify the family you have arranged to adopt each child.
4. You will receive an online invoice for the cost of your adopted child.

If you need help with this, contact the registrar, Laura Herbers, at and she will help you arrange the adoption and invoices.

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