Digital Explorer: Post Training Survey
Baseline Questionnaire
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Following your training, how much do you now feel you know about the area that you trained in (please only select the subject/s that you worked on):
I now know all about it
I know a bit more about it
I still need to know more
My training wasn't on this subject
Using computers in your everyday life
Filling in forms online
Sending emails
Using the internet to search for information
Paying bills or internet banking
Staying safe online (or keeping your family safe)
I worked on something else (please detail below and score what you know about it here)
If you ticked that you worked on 'something else' in the above question please tell us what that subject was here:
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Do you know more about staying safe online than you did before the course?
Do you feel more able to support your child with using computers now than you did before this course?
Do you feel more able to use the internet to find out about local services and help with any issues than you did before the course?
Is there any other IT support that we could provide (now or in future)?
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Please use the space below to tell us anything you would like to say about this IT course.
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