DLF AIG Metadata Application Profile Clearinghouse Submissions
This form will allow you to submit you or your organization's application profiles, mappings, crosswalks and metadata code as digital files to the Clearinghouse project (https://dlfmetadataassessment.github.io/MetadataSpecsClearinghouse/). The MAP Clearinghouse is a project of the Digital Library Federation (DLF) Assessment Interest Group (AIG) Metadata Assessment Working Group (https://dlfmetadataassessment.github.io/). The Metadata Assessment Working Group aims to build guidelines, best practices, tools and workflows around the evaluation and assessment of (mostly, descriptive) metadata used by and for digital libraries and repositories.

NOTE: This form requires a Google account to upload your mapping/profile files. If you do not have a Google account and still would like to submit, please contact us at dlf-aig-metadata-assessment-working-group@googlegroups.com or submit them to us on the GitHub project repo (https://github.com/DLFMetadataAssessment/MetadataSpecsClearinghouse).

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