Marching Band Contract/Registration
The marching band serves several purposes for our band program. First, more people see our marching band through parades, competitions, and performances than any other group. Second, marching band is the vehicle we use to develop student leaders. Third, marching band is the only group that is big enough to allow all our students the chance to work with each other. Through marching band our students develop musical skills, improve their physical conditioning, develop a wonderful work ethic, and make lasting positive relationships with their peers.

Summer band is an important part of the marching program. During summer band, students learn basic marching techniques, learn and memorize parade and field show music, and perform in summer parades. We realize that summer students may miss rehearsals in the summer for vacations, camps, and other events. That said, students are expected to attend as often as possible and are expected to report absences in advance to their section leader and communicate with Mr. Crookston.

The Davis High School Marching Band is nationally recognized as one of the truly fine high school marching bands. Band members can take great pride knowing they belong to a group of talented, dedicated students, all working as a team toward the goal of excellence. It is obvious that attendance, attitude, and ability are all paramount to the success of the group. To this end, this contract has been developed to explain the rules and requirements for participation in the Davis High School Marching Band. Dates should be reviewed and discussed before committing to:

*Summer Band
Rehearsal Schedule:
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7:00 am -11:30 am except the week of July 5-11 and only until July 24.
Parade Performances
July 4th- Kaysville City Parade
July 17- Farmington City Parade (presumed date for now)
July 24- Days of '47 Parade

Families are encouraged to schedule vacations during the moratorium week (July 5-11th) or preferably during the break from July 25th to August 9th. That said, we understand that church camps and conferences, employment, and some family vacations may conflict with summer band. Conflicts will be handled on an individual basis. Summer band is an important part of the fall marching season; during this time students will be involved in a continuing audition for available spots in the field show.

*Band Camp
All students in the fall production are required to attend band camp! Band camp will be held at Davis High School August 9th through the 14th from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Students who do not attend band camp will not be able to have a marching spot in the show.

Attendance at fall marching band rehearsals is critical. Absence doesn’t just affect the individual, it hurts the entire band and slows our progress. Marching Band is a “ninth hour” class. Students will receive a grade each quarter and a semester of credit. Roll is taken daily, and students may lose citizenship credit for excessive tardiness or absence. Parents and students are encouraged to schedule appointments, lessons, and work around the marching band schedule. With minor exceptions, fall rehearsals run Monday and Wednesday 3 to 6 and Thursdays at Kaysville Junior High from 3:00 to 6:30. Sectional rehearsals can be held Tuesdays from 2:45 to 4. Saturday, September 4th is designated as our “Super Saturday" rehearsal. It will run from noon until 10:00 pm. This rehearsal is mandatory. Students will not be excused for work, camps, soccer games, college football games, etc.

One of the primary goals of the Davis High Band is to see every student succeed and increase self esteem through participation. No student that demonstrates desire and continually works to improve will be prohibited from participating in the program. However, students who do not pass off their music before the expected times may be held out from performances until that expectation is met. All students are expected to contribute musically in the band. Marching Band is not a good place to "learn an instrument" because of all the other demands being placed on the student.

Davis High School requires that students participating in extracurricular activities maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0, with no outstanding "U" citizenship grades and no more than one "F" on the previous report card. An eligibility check will be completed on all students in June. Please make sure you meet the requirements.

Participation in marching band is optional and considered an "extra period" class. Students participating in the marching band are expected to participate in a "core" music class for the school year. Concert band, Symphonic band, Wind Ensemble and their corresponding percussion classes are considered "core" classes as well as choir and orchestra courses if they apply to you. Students are expected to remain in one of these classes for the remainder of the year after the marching season, not just during the semester of marching band. Violators of this policy may forfeit their eligibility to march the following year if they are still enrolled as a student. There are occasional exceptional cases that require individual accommodations, please see Mr. Crookston if you feel this is the case with you.

Operating a marching program can be quite expensive. Fundraising events such as Davis Cup and Moonlight help offset a portion of the costs, but other costs must be collected from students. The school provides zero financial assistance to the marching program so please take advantage of fundraising opportunities the band provides for you! The summer band fee pays for staff salaries and some field show costs. The marching band fee pays for field show music, design, and props. The uniform rental charge covers a custom uniform top and cleaning for pants. Instrument rental fees are district mandated and used for minor repairs, replacement of drum heads, and purchasing new instruments. The band camp fee covers meals, activities, and staff payment for band camp. Students using school instruments (including percussion) will be required to pay the $95 rental fee. Color guard may have additional fees for equipment rental and field show costume.
Summer Band and Field Show Prep: $165
Parade Uniform: $12 - $67 (depending on if you need shoes etc)
Fall Uniform: $80 (if we do a digital top they will belong to you at the end of the season)
Field Show Music, Design and equipment: $50
Band Camp: Meals, staff, activities: $130
District Transportation Fee: $20
Color Guard Equipment Rental: $50 (color guard members only)
State Championship Weekend Trip: Approx. $180
Total Required: $602 - $682+ depending on colorguard uniform cost.

Students are agreeing to all performances and "blackout" rehearsals. Students who cannot commit to these dates should not register for marching band. Please contact Mr. Crookston if there are exceptional circumstances to consider. The calendar on the band webpage is linked to the Band Google calendar and should be fairly accurate.

Aug 9th-14th at Davis 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sept 7th Super Saturday 12 noon to 10 pm at DHS
Sept 14th Parents Preview Show at DHS 6:30-8 pm
Nov 5th Red Rocks State Championships
Nov 6th Bands Of America Wester Regional
Eligibility and Participation
The marching band should support and complement the music programs of Davis. If it does not- it will jeopardize all music programs. With the exception of Color Guard, to participate in marching band, students are expected to be in another performing ensemble that meets during the school day such as Band, Choir, or Orchestra. Color Guard students are strongly encouraged to take the Color Guard class offered during 8th period. If a color guard member plays an instrument we encouraged them to still participate in a music class. Students who avoid this policy by dropping a class after it has begun etc., will be deemed ineligible for the next season's activity. **If you feel you have a truly exceptional circumstance please talk with Mr. Crookston. Please indicate which performing arts program you plan to participate in. If you are participating in more than one you may select any that apply.
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If you have any medical or dietary needs you would like us to be aware of during camps, trips or other times that it may be useful please put them below. This is not required and will not be shared beyond our own planning needs.
The band program operates like a giant extended family. We call our parent helpers "moms" and "dads" and LOVE and NEED their support to function and to help keep students costs down. Parents are strongly encouraged to be involved by planning to volunteer at least 10 hours over the course of the season. *
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