Defining Greater Birmingham's boundaries through science

It's going to be fun to stay in the WMCA. The West Midlands Combined Authority that is. And what with the inevitable crowning of Mayor Jeff Lynne, the devolutionary con is on — he'll be ousting Andy Street, who now has a shop to run, and taking us on to a beautiful new day.

But who do we take with us in what we're going to call The People's Republic of Greater Birmingham?

The Problem
Defining the boundaries is too important to leave to the council, who are useless (and will farm it out to Capita, who will fuck it up). The Peoples' Republic can only be defined by the people. But who are those people? Where do we draw the lines?
Language and culture are more effective indicators of statehood than anything as gauche as economics, or the whims of business leaders. Paradise Circus can settle this easier, quicker and cheaper than Captita with a few simple questions about chip shops and bakery products.
Exhibit A
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Exhibit B
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Exhibit C
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