2019 Quick Build Petition
Add your name in support of any or all of the following 2019 quick build projects (map below):

Webster Ave (Elm to Cambridge) - 0.1 mi
Hampshire (Somerville line to Galileo Gallilei) - 0.9 mi
Mass Ave (Putnam to Sidney) - 0.9 mi
Broadway (Ellery to Quincy) - 0.3 mi
Quincy/Bow/DeWolfe (Broadway to Memorial) - 0.5 mi
Garden/Field/Bay State (Harvard Sq to Walden) - 0.9 mi
Mt Auburn (Putnam to JFK) - 0.4 mi
Main St/Broadway (Galileo Galilei Way to Longfellow bridge) - 0.5 mi

Ames St is likely to be done regardless of advocacy so it was left out of the options below.

More details including reasons for each segment here: www.cambridgebikesafety.org/2019-2020-plan-of-action/

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2019 Proposed Quick Builds: Fill in the Network Gaps!
Check to mark your support. You can check more than one box in each column and row. (A list will be generated for each road.)
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1. Mass Ave
2. Garden Street
3. Hampshire Street
4. Mt Auburn Street
5. Webster Ave
6. Broadway near CRLS
7. Quincy/Bow/DeWolfe
8. Main St/Broadway
Volunteering is NOT required to sign!

Volunteering will involve: gathering traffic counts, counting parking spaces or gathering customer & business surveys, and possibly other things. Thanks!

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