2019 Drawing Rally - Gallery Without Walls Celebration
You’re invited to participate in the Arts Council of Lake Oswego’s (artscouncillo.org) third ever Drawing Rally! The Drawing Rally takes place during our annual Gallery Without Walls Celebration on Saturday, September 14th from 3 to 4:30pm.

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You’re invited to participate in the Arts Council of Lake Oswego’s third ever Drawing Rally! The Drawing Rally takes place during our annual Gallery Without Walls Celebration on Saturday, September 14th from 3 to 4:30pm. Beginning at 3pm sharp, artists will create quick works of art that will immediately be for sale to the public for a flat fee of $35. The Drawing Rally allows the community a chance to see artists in action, gives artists the opportunity to make new connections and helps support public programming at the Arts Council, all in a fun and festive atmosphere. We hope you’ll join us!!

All proceeds from the Drawing Rally will go towards providing free public programming at the Arts Council. This includes artmaking events for kids and teens, lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions.

Who are we?
Arts Council of Lake Oswego is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, created in 1999. We facilitate the placement and preservation of the public art in Lake Oswego, operate the 510 Museum & ARTspace, and provide year-round educational opportunities to the community through accessible arts programming.

How does the Drawing Rally work?
Artists work on drawings in front of attendees for an hour and a half session during the event. Each completed drawing is available for sale as soon as it hits one of the sale walls on a first come, first served basis, for the flat price of $35. Ties are settled by drawing cards (aces high). Visitors get to watch the artmaking process and excitement is generated throughout the event as drawings move from the artists’ workstations to the sale walls!

What can we give you?
In addition to a super-good time at the Celebration, we can offer you access to the VIP Party from 5-7pm at the Windward Community Room. You are also welcome to bring business cards and handouts to have next to you at your work station.

What do we ask of you?
To participate in the hour and a half long shift and produce as many, or as few, drawing as you like. We will provide some paper and basic drawing materials, but encourage you to bring your own materials.
Please keep in mind:
• We will have limited amounts of 11 x 14 inch Bristol weight drawing paper that can handle glue, light washes of paint, markers, charcoal, etc.
• We will have some pencils and erasers available.
• You may bring your own paper (or materials) to draw on AS LONG AS THEY ARE 11 x 17 inches OR SMALLER (this makes for easy sleeving when drawings are completed, and for easy framing later)
• You may also bring whatever drawing materials you would like to use: markers, pens, string, glue, paint, collage materials, etc., BUT...
• ...PLEASE: no super stinky products, fire or hazardous materials. Any paint should be water based and dry quickly, since artwork cannot be wet when it goes into the sleeve for sale.
• If you want to work with wet media, we suggest doing washes, etc. before arriving at the event.
• WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A SINK, so please do not count on using a sink as part of your process while you draw. We will have some water jars available for your use
• If you have questions about materials or need to plug something in, please let us know ahead of time

Why should you participate?
This is a rare opportunity for the public to watch and interact with you as you are working! Artists report a feeling of camaraderie as they create in front of an audience made up of members of the community and their peers. We will work to create a fun, supportive atmosphere that emphasizes the importance of the arts in the community and you are a huge part of that! It will be a lot of fun, we promise.

Where has this been in the past?
The Portland Art Museum (Portland)
Southern Exposure (San Francisco)
Spaces Gallery (Cleveland)

Anything else I need to know?
• Drawings may not be purchased, claimed, or snatched prior to hitting the wall. Conflicts or ties for purchasing a work will be resolved by drawing cards. Fighting, hoarding, hovering, or any other bad collector behavior will not be tolerated.
• You may set up a still life, but please note that your workspace will be limited.
• When someone purchases a piece of art they will also get the contact information for the artist. From past experiences people LOVE to meet the artists whose work they purchased and you will make connections to collectors for the future.
• This is a community-driven, art-centered fundraiser that we hope will become an annual tradition.
• Again, it’s a lot of fun!

We will be announcing all of the participating artists in a press release, on our website, and through our social media platforms. We also want to have all of the artists websites or social media linked to the event page to give you maximum exposure.

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