SCPTA Outstanding Local Unit of the Year
Form must be completed and all award criteria submitted to be considered for judging.
Deadline for this award is March 1st. This award will be presented at the annual SCPTA Convention.

100 Possible points available for this award.
Local PTA Unit MUST provide documentation for each YES answer below.
Proper documentation would include fliers, newspaper clippings, photos of on-campus events, copies of surveys, plans of work, etc.

Name of Local PTA/PTSA Unit *
Local PTA/PTSA Unit ID# *
School Address *
City, State, Zip Code *
School Website
PTA District # *
Name of PTA President *
PTA President Email *
Phone Number *
Choose School Level *
One elementary school-level winner, one middle school-level winner, and one high school-level winner will be selected from all applications submitted.
How would you describe your school district? *
Does your school receive Title 1 Funds? *
Did PTA have a membership increase in school year 2017-2018 over 2016-2017? *
10 points - VP of Membership at the State Level will verify
Was PTA represented at District meetings? How many meetings? *
5 points - District Presidents will be emailed and asked to verify
Was PTA represented at the 2017 PTA Summer Leadership Training Conference? *
10 points - This can be the Local District Training or State Training - We will verify attendance.
Was PTA represented at the 2017 SCPTA Annual Convention? *
5 points - State will confirm based on registration documentation
Was PTA represented at the 2017 National PTA Convention? *
5 points
Did PTA participate in the 2017-2018 NPTA Reflections Program? *
15 points
Submit a narrative addressing the unit’s implementation of the six PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships. They can be found at *
50 points-This response should be no more than four pages, “8 ½ x 11”, double-spaced. I would recommend typing your response in word and then copying and pasting below.
Supporting documentation should be uploaded by selecting the add file button below.
NAME CORRESPONDING DOCUMENTATION AS SUCH: Schoolname.typeofdocumentation.awardname (Spann.newsletter.membership)
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