Copy of Our Middle School Reading Log 2017-18
This is a tool that Hommocks Middle School students and teachers use to share information about their reading lives. This information will help you make awesome book choices, confer with your teachers, and talk to your friends about their reading! Please be as PRECISE as possible - spell Book Titles and Author Names carefully.
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What period do you have English on an A day?
Your Teacher (Please check all the teachers that you work with this year)
Book Title (Full title please - spelled correctly!)
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Author's Last Name (Spelled correctly!)
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Was this book finished or abandoned for another reading project?
Which best describes your book?
If you answered "other" to the previous question, please describe the text you read.
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Rate this book as a reading experience
I didn't enjoy reading this book.
This book blew my mind! Everyone should read it!!
What is the next book you plan on reading? Please include the full title if possible!
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