BCH Ignite Onboarding Form
Welcome to BCH Ignite! Thanks for joining. This form is for onboarding individuals, projects, businesses, etc to BCH Ignite so you can have the right roles, channels, private channels and more. This is the sole onboarding form. Questions? Suggestions? Please contact me@georgedonnelly.com or GeorgeDonnelly#6938.
Your Discord Username (eg SatoshiNakamoto#0000) *
What is your general area of focus in BCH? (Select at most 2 please.)
What geographical region are you primarily focused on?
What languages are you fluent in, both spoken and written? (Select as many as are true.)
Are you interested in moderating a channel or taking on other responsibilities, such as for your native language in the BCH Ignite Discord? If so, which one(s)?
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