Central State University - Feral Honey Bee Colony Registry
In this research project, we are comparing the physiology between feral (wild) and human managed bee colonies (beekeepers' bees). Wild colonies are intact after sample collection. Thank you for participating this CITIZEN SCIENCE project and providing us accurate information in advanced. CSU Apiculture program sincerely appreciate your contribution. CSU has no responsible for any risks associated with traveling to and from the reported sites, or any physical or psychological injuries. To submit via email, please send to Dr. Li-Byarlay (hli-byarlay@centralstate.edu). The website for this form is: https://goo.gl/forms/jJPqTxfDPiuSq2Lg1
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Colony location (GPS coordinates). The google map app on your phone provides these after you drop a pin at the current location, or learn more at https://www.maps.ie/coordinates.html). Example: GPS coordinates for CSU is 39.7151610, -84.8752870)
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