COA 2020 Teacher Feedback
As COA 2020 is finalized we would like some feedback on how things went this year. We will not be able to meet to have a 'wrap up' meeting so we are collecting your feedback and will compile those results. We will take feedback through April 30, 2020.

We are still in need of someone to Chair & Vice-Chair COA 2021.
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Did you participate in COA 2020? *
Did you cancel students that you originally registered for COA 2020?
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What was your reason for cancelling students?
Which of these options did your students use in your studio? (Mark all that apply)
What did you like about "Digital" COA 2020?
What are some of the challenges you experienced with "Digital" COA 2020?
What feedback did you receive from parents and/or students about "Digital" 2020 COA?
Do you think "Digital Submissions" should be an option for upcoming years?
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