KAPEDERASYON Membership Form

What is Kapederasyon?

Kapederasyon LGBT Organization is a national organization that serves Filipino Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders across all walks of life. It is transformational in nature and scope as it gears towards the establishment of chapters in the national level.

Kapederasyon believes in the primacy of a humane Philippine society; a society bound by the principles of truth, love, justice, and freedom and concretized by a conscious effort to uplift the lives of our marginalized brothers and sisters by resisting exploitation and discrimination in all its forms.

What does the org do?

Since its establishment in May 17, 2014, the organization has successfully held consultative assemblies, mobilizations, press conferences, and other activities through the effort of its members and supporters.
Kapederasyon, being a sectoral organization, aims to;
• Establish chapters nationwide,
• Participate in national and local politics by asserting our sectors’ contribution to society and nation building;
• Support and lobby LGBT friendly and pro people legislations such as the Anti-Discrimination Bill/Ordinances,
• Actively engage heterosexual majority in forwarding the LGBT cause,
• Offer legal, counselling, and other services to LGBT individuals,
• Provide support for the LGBT senior citizens and PWD, &
• Recognize individuals, organizations, and institutions that contributed to the advancement of the LGBT cause,

How can you help?

BE A MEMBER AND VOLUNTEER. The lifeblood of the organization is the hard work of its members and volunteers. Please fill our this online membership form.

ESTABLISH A KAPEDERASYON CHAPTER in your area. We welcome initiatives for chapter formation in all provinces of the Philippines. Just email kapederasyon@gmail.com.

PLEDGE MONETARY SUPPORT. The organization is on its formative phase and is therefore operating within meager resources sourced through personal contributions from its members. We would be very grateful for your support. To donate, please click the link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1g4sTrrgto4vzFZkwcVzNIuqM96cM5r9Aa5W3YT2ukLA/viewform

09173569254 | 09988521464
kapederasyon@gmail.com | @KapederasyonPH

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