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Thanks for your work thus far on building for the mobile web.

Generally, users are signed-in forever on native apps (unless uninstalled or moving to a new phone), but there's a legacy of having timed out sessions on web (i.e., sessions expiring after 10 minutes on most banking or travel sites, slightly longer on other websites).

To better understand this behavior, we've created a quick 5 minute survey here for our Google Identity team to learn about your web stack & practices around session management. This will help guide us in recommendations around our Credential Management API for seamless sign-in that was announced at I/O.

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If different across platforms, what's your rationale?
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What are the reasons behind the current session length of your web app (mobile and desktop)? Please give specific examples.
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How valuable would it be to your business if users only had to log in once to your web app?
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What other factors could influence your decision to extend session lengths?
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Do you check the session validity with each page load? Is there a way to revoke a session, or are session tokens valid until expiry?
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