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Thank you for your interest in working at MOVE!
Answering the following questions will get you started along the path to see if MOVE is the right fit for you. You will be asked to attach a resume at the end of this application. We will be in contact within a week if you are being considered for a position at MOVE.
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Please answer the following three questions: 1)MOVE values are Excellence, Community, Mindfulness and Joy. Choose one of these to talk about. Tell us how this value is alive in your life and how it influences your work with clients. *
2) The MOVE staff works together as a team and supports each other in our mission of helping clients live a joyful life in a fit and healthy body. What are the strengths you bring to working on a team? What support do you need and look to from those you work with for help? Please give an example of a time that working on a team was especially successful in your life. *
3) At MOVE, we value growth and feedback. We continue to strive to learn and develop ourselves and our skills. Can you tell us about your growth areas and what you are working on? What are the strengths that you bring to your work? *
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