"Understanding your brand goal(s)" Questionnaire
The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us understand your brand goal(s) better. By answering this questionnaire, we will be able to help your brand create a better social media content strategy to fulfil your end goal(s).

You need to get a clear idea of which of these is important to your business. Obviously, every business wants sales, but you can’t get there without customers being aware of your business and engaging with it in some way. If very few people are following your pages or talking about it, that is a good indicator that there is a lack of awareness about your business and you’ll need to do something about it -Ian Fabiano, Advertising Specialist.

All answers are private & confidential and will NOT be shared with Defined Creator's other clients.
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List your target customer's problem(s) or frustration(s). (Ex: A gym's target customer's problem is weight losing) *
List your target customer's fear(s). (Ex: A gym's target customers fear is going to the gym during the covid-19 pandemic) *
List your target customer's goal(s). (Ex: A gym's target customers goal is to lose weight) *
Which content categories do you prefer? (Note that this is interchangeable, and we recommend you to choose more than one) *
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