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The CAPE-OPEN interface standard has been publicly available for nearly 20 years. It consists of a series of interface specifications that allow plug and play inter-operability between a given Process Modelling Environment and a third-party Process Modelling Component. The standard is maintained and supported by CO-LaN. For the background to CAPE-OPEN see:

The purpose of this survey is to allow CO-LaN to get a recent impression of the common knowledge about CAPE-OPEN, the practical application of CAPE-OPEN solutions, and the experiences with these solutions.

The survey is targeted at the end-users of process simulation software. Please feel free to forward the survey link to any interested colleagues.

The survey contains some “Required” questions for which a response is needed in order to continue. These questions are marked with a red star. At the end of the survey the user is asked to enter their contact details but this information is optional. Any individual information gathered from the survey will remain strictly confidential to the CO-LaN management board ( and will not be shared with other 3rd parties. However it is CO-LaN’s intent to share the (anonymised) overall survey results via the CO-LaN website

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and CO-LaN appreciates your full and frank opinion.
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