UT Dallas Dental School Trip
This tour is Scheduled for 11:00am to 3:00pm MONDAY, April 15th
As not all members are able to attend, this event is not worth any points, unless you are driving.
Drivers can be reimbursed for gas up to $20 (Slacked receipts required).

If you are selected for this event but cannot attend, please provide at least 2 DAYS NOTICE so that arrangements can be made for those on the wait-list to take your spot. Canceling less than 48 hours in advance will result in a single point deduction. No-showing on the date of the tour with no notice given will result in 3 points being deducted. Please please please don't no-show, some people have been waiting all semester for this and it's not fair to those who don't get to go and could have had your spot.

The morning of, be at Littlefield Fountain no later than 6:45am. This may change depending on traffic, but if it does change, it will be later, not earlier. We will leave Littlefield promptly at 7:10am. If you aren't at Littlefield Fountain by 7:10, and haven't called me, we will have to leave without you.

Lastly, for the Houston Dental School Trip, we had 2 people oversleep. Their slack notifications were snoozed and we didn't have their phone numbers, so we couldn't call them. If you would like, you can provide your phone number at the end so that we can call you if an issue arises. This is 100% optional, I (Bennett) am the only person that will see your phone number, and there will be no consequences if you don't choose to provide your phone number. Just an extra safety net!

If you have any questions, please Slack me!


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I am responsible for my own transportation to Littlefield Fountain, and I will be at Littlefield fountain at or before 6:45am on Monday, April 15th. *
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