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Thank you for choosing International American University to complete your business degree! We'd like to wish you luck in all of your future endeavors! Please take just a few minutes to let us know what you enjoyed the most about our school. Your testimonial may be posted on our website within a few days of completing this form.
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1. Staff
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Student support is a top priority of ours. Tell us about your experience with IAU staff. How were our staff helpful? What benefits did you gain from 1-on-1 advising? How did our orientations prepare you for your program at IAU? *
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Tell us about your experience with IAU faculty. Which teaching methods did you find useful? Which specific instructors come to mind? How were the instructors helpful during your time at the university? *
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3. Program
We'd like to know which components of your program were most beneficial to you. Which areas of the program really stood out that made your experience with IAU memorable? Which courses were most applicable to your goals in the business world? Which resources available at IAU were most helpful during your studies (e.g., computer lab, Job Center, library)? *
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4. Career Preparation
Our main goal is to prepare you for your career & life in the business world. How did IAU benefit your career planning? Which career services best prepared you for business life after you graduated (e.g., IAU's job webpage, CPT, SCORE)? If you participated in CPT, tell us about how that experience accelerated your acclimation to the business world. *
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5. Activity Participation
Did you participate in any other activities at IAU (e.g., professional development/OPT workshops, Halloween Party, July 4th Pool Party, movie night)? If so, how were your experiences? *
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